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dr Małgorzata Bakalarz-Duverger

Acting Director
I joined the team in December 2022 as Deputy Director. I currently work as a Acting Director at WOK. Throughout my career, I worked on projects blending education, culture and applied sociology for several institutions, including NGOs, universities and museums and galleries.

Anna Galas-Kosil

Deputy Director
I am a curator and cultural manager, currently associated with the Warsaw Observatory of Culture. I am interested in international interdisciplinary projects and in processes where art and culture form an essential part of the dynamically changing societies of the future.

Robert Jaworski

Chief Accountant
I used to be a tax advisor, but today I find myself primarily focused on observing and engaging with culture.

Jagoda Nowakowska

Office and Accessibility Coordinator
At the Warsaw Observatory of Culture, I am responsible for office coordination and accessibility. I feel most confident in administration and management, and particularly enjoy processing data in my beloved Excel tables.

Agnieszka Tiutiunik

Communication Strategist
I develop communication strategies, branding, and PR of culture. I am good at crisis management and leading change. I write, edit, Speak in front of an audience, manage projects, coordinate promotional campaigns, share knowledge and my experience. I connect the dots in processes at the intersection of art, education, promotion and sustainability.

Marta Michalak

Manager of Art and Research Projects
I work as a Project Manager at the Warsaw Observatory of Culture. My experience lies in designing and coordinating highly dynamic and changeable processes, working with diverse organisational cultures, and building interdisciplinary project teams.

Miranda Zarzycka

Manager of Art and Research Projects
I am a researcher as much as a walker. At the Warsaw Observatory of Culture, I support several research projects and write various texts.

Marek Jeżewski

Technical Issues Specialist
I have been a permanent fixture at the Scena Prezentacje Theatre since 1981. At the Warsaw Observatory of Culture, I am a specialist for technical issues.


Mateusz Saczywko

Public Procurement Specialist
At WOK, I am responsible for what seems to be the favourite topic of all staff members, namely public procurement and accuracy expense reporting.

Paweł Siemianowski

Legal Services
In the Warsaw Observatory of Culture, I am responsible for widely understood legal matters, including the formal and legal accuracy of contracts and agreements and internal instruments, as well as for providing ongoing legal support and advice.

Ewa Orlińska-Pięta

Human Resources and Payroll
I am a graduate of human resources management, and at WOK, I manage human resources and payroll.

Michał Markowicz

IT support
I am an economist by education and a smiling IT specialist by profession. I support WOK in the field of IT and automation.

Bożena Marczykowska

Archive Specialist
At WOK, I oversee the archiving of documentation.


I support the WOK team in taking care of the office and the WOK Lab. I bring diligence, commitment and a smile to my work.

Alicja Kobza

Graphic Designer
I design visuals for the Warsaw Observatory of Culture. I am the designer behind the winning visual identity of WOK. I am responsible for WOK printed and digital materials' appearance, consistency, and user experience. Part of my role involves minimising paper and energy waste.

Monika Borys

Content Creator
I am a researcher and prolific writer.

Aleksandra Wiechowska

artistic-research residency coordinator
I am a visual artist, Mother Creator, and I run the Siostry [Sisters] collective. At WOK, I coordinate the artistic and research residencies. I bring different worlds together.

Aleksandra Tarka

Cooperation in the Reading Education and Culture Education projects
I am a student at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw, majoring in Artistic Research and Curatorial Studies. I am interested in artistic and cultural activities on the intersection of art and sociology.

Łucja Staszkiewicz

collaboration in the process of creating a dance institution
At WOK I am involved in mapping art studios and spaces suitable for choreographic practice, as well as supporting the production of events.

Iwo Maciak

Collaboration on the project In Warsaw
I conduct social research concerning arts and education. I support networks of non-formal education and I try to work for something.

Ewelina Adamik

Collaboration in the field of communication strategy and projects related to reader education and cultural initiatives
I love exploring narratives and narrativizing; I'm writing a literary doctoral thesis and, in the meantime, engaging in literary criticism. At the Warsaw Observatory of Culture, I combine a passion for culture with a research-oriented approach.

Anielek Niemyjski

At WOK, I am involved in the creation of a prototype system for collecting cultural data and I support the production of events and workshops.

Kacper Solecki

As part of my internship at the Warsaw Observatory of Culture, I participate in the creation of a prototype system for collecting data on culture.

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