Cultural Education in Research and Action: Research Report

The study of cultural education in Warsaw is a study of the city itself: its radically changing community; its shifts and uncertainties in the face of global challenges; as well as its local conditions and their impact on the lives of Warsaw’s residents. WOK presents the report Cultural Education in Research and Action, which concludes the second phase of our study on cultural education practices in Warsaw.
2 weeks ago

‘Nothing’ + presentation by Zbigniew Warpechowski

Zbigniew Warpechowski (b. 1938) is a pioneer of performance art in Poland and one of the first artists in the world to work in this field. Werpechowski works primarily with poetry and painting and publishes theoretical writings on contemporary art. He began his artistic career in the 1960s and has created over three hundred performances on social issues.
2 months ago

Open and Developing Catalogue of Intercultural Practices

The Open and Developing Catalogue of Intercultural Practices is the result of months of work by the React! network. We believe it can be helpful in working with individuals with migration and/or refugee experience. We call the catalogue ‘developing’ and ‘open’ because it is a dynamically evolving collection of practices that we will adapt and update in response to changing needs and cultural contexts. ‘Developing’ means that the document is constantly updated with new experiences and solutions.
2 months ago

Future Culture. Needs, Ideas and Solutions presentation

Presenting the solutions developed by experts for the cultural sector during a time of transition. On 26 September, a debate on the organisation of the financing and functioning of culture in Poland took place at the Nowy Teatr in Warsaw. The debate focused on four main issues: the law on the status of professional artists, cultural institutions, the decentralisation of culture, and social and civic culture.
2 months ago

Culture of Warsaw 2040 Foresight Project – Scenarios by the Young

The project offers perspectives on the development of Warsaw's cultural offering until the year 2040. The results showed the directions that cultural institutions should take in view of becoming more attractive in the eyes of young people in the future. The results and the formulated recommendations can be adopted by all institutions in the development of their cultural offer.
1 year ago

The Museum Watch Governance Management Project raport

The Museum Watch Governance Management Project was drafted to help the museum community address management challenges more efficiently. The idea emerged out of the existing Museum Watch Programme, introduced by CIMAM with the aim ‘to assist modern and contemporary art museum professionals in dealing with critical situations that undermine their ability to undertake their professional practice and effect a museum’s ability to operate to international standards of best practice’.
6 months ago

The Cultural Education in Warsaw document

The document contains recommendations, guidelines, and inspirations on the subject matter of projects, ways, and methods of working with recipients, as well as support tools for individuals conducting activities in the field of cultural education. The Cultural Education in Warsaw document intends to aid in planning individual educational activities an comprehensive strategies of institutions in which cultural education plays an essential role.
1 year ago

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