Announcement of the Results of Stage Two Recruitment

After discussions with individuals qualified for the second stage, the commission composed of Justyna Czarnota, Anna Galas-Kosil, Michał Krawczak, and Joanna Synowiec invites the following individuals to participate in the WOK Residencies program:

Nina Boichenko
Stefan Bieńkowski
Anastazja Charitonova
Patrycja Drzazga
Monika Dubiel
Dorota Ogrodzka
Paweł Knut
Iza Szostak
Duet: Sonia Jaszczyńska, Agnieszka Strzeżek
Collective: Maria Halber, Aleksandra Kamińska, Agata Wnuk

In accordance with the regulations, the commission additionally places two applications on the reserve list. Their authors will have the right to participate in the residency in case any of the participants withdraw.

Reserve list:

Monika Popiel
Jan Zawadzki

We thank all the individuals participating in the second stage for deep and intensive conversations; they were very inspiring for us. We tried to ensure they didn’t feel like interrogations because we weren’t seeking the “best” applications. Our goal was to understand the needs of the applicants as well as possible and ensure how this program can effectively respond to them. We reflected on how the proposed ideas fit into the theme of this year’s residency edition: Break or Breakthrough. We especially considered the perspective of seeing this program as a developmental process rather than an opportunity to realize already formed artistic or research concepts. One of the important elements of residency processes is also creating conditions for the exchange of thoughts and practices among the selected and invited group, distinguishing this endeavor from scholarship programs. We hope that the individuals we have selected will be able to mutually accompany each other and review themselves in the processes and practices of others.

Because we believe that giving feedback is important, the remaining individuals with whom we spoke in the second stage, namely Natalia Malek, Agnieszka Słodownik, Monika Popiel, Magda Szpecht, Jan Zawadzki, and the KEM collective (Stefa Gosiewsk, Aleksandra Knychalska, Michał Grzegorzek, and Julia Celejewska), will receive a brief feedback email from us.